You will be carried to the online system upon submission of this form in the final step to pay your $45 application fee. This is the standard $40 application fee plus a $5 online convenience fee.  Please note:  If you are a PERMITTED OCCUPANT, CURRENT TENANT, or PREVIOUS TENANT and you are NOT required to pay and application fee, please continue through this step.  Once you are taken to the payment option and you application will be forwarded to WPM.  Once you see the payment option, simply click on the link to CANCEL and return to the Wainright homepage.  DO NOT enter any payment information.  You will receive an email from the system that your application has been received.  You will also receive a call from our staff within 24 hours that the application has been received.

You do not have to have an account with the online payment service in order to use the service. Select  the option that you do not have an account and you will be prompted to directly input your credit/debit card information.  The information you enter must match exactly as it appears on your credit card statement.