Wainright Property Management Website Privacy Policy

Policy for Accepting Applications…

Wainright Property Management, LLC does not discriminate in the rental of dwellings and in other housing-related transactions, based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status (including children under the age of 18 living with parents or legal custodians, pregnant women, and people securing custody of children under the age of 18), and handicap (disability).

Before accepting an application, the Applicant must first view the unit applied for.  We may accept an application for an upcoming availability as long as Applicant has viewed a unit in the requested complex/floor plan.  Each Applicant 18 years old or older is charged a non-refundable application fee.  The Applicant must then submit the completed application form, non-refundable application fee (payable in cash) and provide proof of income with local employment as well as photo identification.  In the case of full-time students, a parent or guardian may co-sign for Applicant to meet the proof of income requirement by completing and submitting our Parental Guarantee form.  The Parental Guarantee form must be signed in the presence of a Notary.  We have two Notaries in our office.  WPM will only allow a co-signer for full-time students who do not income qualify.  A co-signer is not allowed in any other case.  Additionally, we require completed application form and photo identification for each permitted occupant, age 18 or older – no application fee is charged to a permitted occupant.  Criminal background is pulled on every occupant age 18 or older.

***See page two of  printed Application form for rules regarding rental requirements***

Applicant should check with office for availability before submitting online application.

Policy Statement for Move-Out…

Once the initial lease term has expired, Resident may terminate the lease agreement with a written 30-day notice to vacate.  The 30-day notice form and charge schedule are available at the office.  Resident must clean their rental unit as specified in the charge schedule.  All keys including entry and mail keys must be returned to the WPM office.  Resident will be charged rent for each day until keys are returned to the office.  Resident will be charged a reasonable fee for re-keying if keys are not returned in addition to rent charges.  Resident must contact any company providing services and request those services be cancelled, such as utilities, phone, cable, water, etc.  Resident should contact the post office for change of address and mail forwarding.

WPM CANNOT schedule a walk-through with Resident upon move out.

Resident must provide forwarding address information.  The state of North Carolina allows 30-days for refund of tenant security deposit.

WPM does NOT have a “buy-out” to terminate a lease early.  Please refer to our sublease policy.

Pets Policy…

Many properties managed by Wainright Property Management, LLC are pet friendly.  If a pet is allowed, we charge a one-time non-refundable pet fee per pet.  We will allow pet fee to be paid in installments but require at least payment of 1/3 of pet fee at move-in.  The remainder of the pet fee is required within the the first three months of tenancy.  A maximum of two pets is allowed.  The weight limit for a dog is 30 pounds at full-grown and WPM reserves the right to restrict dog breed.  We do not allow commonly aggressive breeds including but not limited to American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Doberman, Rottweiler, Chow, and German Sheppard.  WPM may make exceptions to weight limit restrictions depending on breed, reference, property location and upon approval of management.

We require pet owners abide by leash-laws and clean up after their pet.  Pet owners may be fined for violations.

Rent Payments…

All payments for rent are due on the first of each month.  Rent is subject to late fee on the sixth of the month.  Late fee is charged on any unpaid rent balance.  Late fee is not charged on pet fee balance, damage charges or any charges other than rent.  Rent payment must be received at the office by the 5th of the month.

Rent payments may be made at the office, 3481 S. Evans St, Suite A, Greenville, NC  27834, during regular business hours (M-F 8-5 and Sat 10-3).  We have a night drop at the office which is located to the left of the office door.  You may also make a rent payment online but please be aware there is an extra fee to use the online payment system.  Rent can be mailed to the office but rent payment must be received by the 5th.  We do not observe post marks and any payment received by mail after the 5th is subject to late fee.

The late fee on late rent payment is 5% of the rent balance due.  The late fee is $15 for balances of $300 or less.

Forms of payment accepted: Personal check, money order, certified check, and/or online payment via PayPal.  Personal checks are NOT accepted after the 15th in the month for which rent is due.  Any past due rent amount must be paid with a money order or cashiers check; online payment is also accepted for past due rent.

We do not accept cash payments for rent.  Cash payment is accepted for Application Fee only.

Payment should be clearly marked with Resident’s complete apartment address to ensure proper credit.

Rent Pricing and Leasing Terms…

All rent prices are based on a new one-year (12-month) lease.  At times, WPM may offer shorter lease terms with an increase in the regular rent amount.  Generally, an increase of 10% will be added to the regular rent price to allow a 6-month lease and an increase of 20% will be added to the regular rent price to allow a 3-month lease.  Not all properties will allow a lease term shorter than one-year.  Restrictions apply for short-term leasing.  Since short term leasing is based on availability, properties allowing shorter lease terms will change frequently during peak rental times.  Inquire with office staff for properties allowing 6-month and 3-month leases.

We require a security deposit.  Regular security deposit is  equal to one-month’s rent but may be as much as two-month’s rent.  Security deposit must be paid with money order or certified check.

Restrictions on Advertising and Specials…

* Wainright Property Management, LLC is not responsible for any misprints

* No coupon or ad is valid with any other coupon, ad or offer

* Any free rent offered is only valid for the first month’s rent; coupon/ad/offer must be presented when security deposit paid and contract signed.

* Ads/coupons/offers may expire without notice if no expiration date is stated

* Ads/coupons/offers are void if there are no immediately available apartments at the advertised location

* Should Applicant not be able to take occupancy immediately (within seven-7-days) and unit is available, we will not hold the unit and honor coupon/ad/offer for free rent in addition to holding a unit for any length of time.  Applicant must take occupancy of unit at first available date in order to use coupon/ad/offer for free rent.

* One ad/coupon/offer valid per apartment, not person.  For example, 2 people come in to rent the same apartment as roommates and each has a coupon for half a month’s free rent.  Only one coupon is valid.

* Coupon/ad/offer must be presented with application or at the time the lease is signed and security deposit paid.

* Coupons/ads/offers will not be honored if presented after acceptance and the contract has been signed.

* Coupons/ads/offers valid for NEW tenant only. Specials do not apply to current residents.

*Approved Application required

* New 12-month contract required

* Coupons/ads/offers not redeemable for cash

* Qualifying restrictions apply

  • Application required for each person – non-refundable application fee per Applicant
  • 600 or better Beacon Score required

Policy on Subleasing…

Any tenant who wishes to cancel his lease prior to the end of the initial term must sublet the unit.  Wainright Property Management, LLC will assist in this process for a reasonable fee.  This fee is a non-refundable fee and is due regardless of who brings the new tenant(s) into the office, whether it is Wainright Property Management, LLC or the current tenant(s).  The fee is due at the time the Sublease Agreement is entered into.  In addition, tenant(s) must adhere to the following rules.

  1. Current tenant(s) must give written statement regarding intent to sublet.  Tenant(s) remain(s) responsible for rental payments until an approved Applicant has assumed the Lease.
  2. Tenant(s) will be responsible for all advertising costs associated with the sublease process in addition to the Professional Fee charged by this office.
  3. Tenant(s) will be required to show the unit while it is occupied.  If tenant(s) vacate the unit and return the keys to this office, we will gladly show the unit.  Wainright Property Management, LLC will not schedule to show the unit while it is occupied.
  4. Wainright Property Management, LLC will release the name(s) and phone number(s)of tenant(s) to prospective renters so that they may contact tenant(s) to schedule appointments to view the unit.
  5. Any person interested in assuming a Lease in whole (all current tenants vacating) or in part (one or more roommates moving with at least one current tenant remaining) must complete the normal application process.  An Application is required.  A reasonable fee is charged for the Application.  In some cases full-time students are allowed to use a Parental Guarantee.  All paperwork must be approved prior to the tenant switch.
  6. Once a person has been approved to assume a Lease, all parties involved-current tenant(s) and new tenant(s)-must come to the office together to complete the transfer.
  7. The new tenant(s) will be required to pay a security deposit and any pro-rated rent for the month in which they move into the unit.
  8. The security deposit will be refunded to the vacating tenant(s) within thirty (30) days of the transfer.  Tenant(s) must provide forwarding address.
  9. The keys may be switched between tenants; however, we will make arrangements to turn the keys over to the new tenant(s).  If keys are not switched on the specified date and we, Wainright Property Management, LLC or the new tenant(s), are unable to contact the current tenant(s), Wainright Property Management, LLC will release a key to the new tenant(s) so long as the rent payment is current, utilities have been verified, the unit is empty of all current tenant belongings and the Lease agreement has been executed.

10.  New tenant(s) must verify that utility service has been applied for with Greenville Utilities.