Once the initial lease term has expired, Resident may terminate the lease agreement with a written 30-day notice to vacate.  The 30-day notice form and charge schedule are available at the office.  Resident must clean their rental unit as specified in the charge schedule.  All keys including entry and mail keys must be returned to the WPM office.  Resident will be charged rent for each day until keys are returned to the office.  Resident will be charged a reasonable fee for re-keying if keys are not returned in addition to rent charges.  Resident must contact any company providing services and request those services be cancelled, such as utilities, phone, cable, water, etc.  Resident should contact the post office for change of address and mail forwarding.

WPM CANNOT schedule a walk-through with Resident upon move out.

Resident must provide forwarding address information.  The state of North Carolina allows 30-days for refund of tenant security deposit.

WPM does NOT have a “buy-out” to terminate a lease early.  Please refer to our sublease policy.